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Maxima Appliance Repair is the number one local and affordable appliance repair Tarzana offers. We continue to offer our customers a fast turnaround, and trusted service. This by having experienced technicians who can offer the best services. They can also handle appliances by different manufacturers.

At Maxima Appliance Repair, we are well known for friendly service delivery. We also always charge affordable rates and strive to make sure that we have happy clients. On top of that, we service any make and model of the household appliances and restoring it to the best working condition.

Maxima Appliance Repair offers 24/7 availability and we will always be ready to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Therefore, when you need to schedule a service, you are guaranteed that we will be readily available. No matter your availability, we are flexible to customer schedule and ready to make sure we deliver nothing short of the best services. Here are some of the services that we offer.

appliance repair services

Appliance Services



The dishwasher is meant to add some convenience to your domestic life. Thus, every modern household knows the importance of the dishwasher. However, it is unfortunate that the dishwasher will fail to function at some time. During such a time, you want to hire a professional dishwasher repair company to ensure it is quickly fixed and back to normal.

Maxima Appliance Repair will help you during such times. Therefore, contact Maxima Appliance Repair immediately for a fast response. Our technicians offer professional dishwasher repair services and remain knowledgeable when it comes to troubleshooting an issue with the dishwasher. If it is no longer spinning as it should, or the dishes come out not perfectly cleaned, contact us and we will ensure it is back to optimal functionality.

Refrigeration Services

Refrigeration Services

Contact Maxima Appliance Repair for repair, installation, and replacement of your refrigerator. We service all brands and models of your refrigerator.

  • Built-in refrigerator
  • French door refrigerator
  • Top/bottom type of refrigerator

Maxima Appliance Repair is one of the quickest company to get your appliances up and running. We provide top quality appliance repair services while ensuring that we get back to our customers on the same day. By being a fully fledged appliances repair company, you can always count on us.

microwave repair

Microwave Repair

Has your microwave stopped heating all over a sudden? Or maybe it doesn’t start up. Maxima Appliance Repair offers microwave repair services to our customers. Therefore, if the microwave touchpad is jammed or does not function at all, contact us. We handle different microwave brands and models. Our technicians use the best equipment for microwave repair. At Maxima Appliance Repair, we hire professional microwave technicians who have years of experience in the industry. We are also licensed and insured team of technicians serving Tarzana. Call us today for the appliance repair Tarzana citizens!

Washer Repair

Washer Repair

People have become so busy today and some of the household chores require to assist of modern appliances. For your laundry work, the washing machine is an important investment. You ought to ensure that the washer is operational especially if you have little time to manage the washing of the dishes. Therefore, contact Maxima Appliance Repair in case you realized a funny sound emanating from the washer, or if it does not respond to commands.

Our technicians will service the washer. Contact us now for immediate response. We ensure that our customers enjoy priority when they seek our services of appliance repair Tarzana.

garbage disposal

Garbage Disposal

If the garbage disposal shows clogged drains or there is a bad smell coming from the garbage disposal, it is important that you consider a replacement or call a handyman for repair. This will avoid the smelly drains and make sure that the motor is functional.

When our technicians arrive on site, they quickly carry out problem diagnosis using the best equipment. When the problem is identified, you get a detailed explanation of what could be causing the issue. our technicians are also well equipped for immediate repair services.

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For a small company like Maxima Appliance   they have a very organized setup and crew. They work all the time in a regularly maintained shift schedule.


I am delighted with the service that Maxima Appliance has provided me for dryer repair. They took care of all my appliances and worked very carefully to find the error and remove it.


Maxima Appliance provides the best services for dryer repair. They have been working in this field for a long time now.